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Criminal law: the story in the United States, the English common law governed during the colonial period. Common Law is a process that defines and updated the rules for some Nations. America became an independent nation, the Constitution authorized it to text. s as the supreme law of the country. The United States continues to be a customary addressing system, which works in conjunction with the Federal law and State. With regard to criminal law, each State has its own penal code, which defines what is a crime, serious crime and its punishment. Criminal matters and are generally characterized as crimes or offences, on the basis of its nature and the amount of the maximum penalty. Each State is free to develop new penal laws until they are deemed constitutional. Therefore, not necessarily there is a crime, a crime in a neighbouring State. A crime is a crime punishable by death or more a year in prison. The largest part of law criminal State in different ways with different criminal offences classified. Offences which will not pose generally none of the crimes serious offences. Is guilty of an offence, the law imposes the penalty of not more than one year in prison. Minor offences, are often called offences such as trafficking in human beings human and financial sanctions. Police investigate, prosecutors report many people think that police officers (criminal investigation) reload also offenders. It is a common mistake. Police to collect evidence and sometimes even to testify in court. But prosecutors - quarters, lawyers in the United States and the other – ultimately to criminal pages uk decide if a suspect or not treated. Qualified essential counsel for each is responsible for the criminal defense of criminals defenders often, a crime. These lawyers are very familiar with the local laws and criminal procedure - some can work as prosecutors. Crime may deal with any offence or a lowest level defenders. But not all lawyers are trained to treat the serious accusations. Some jurisdictions do not inexperienced lawyers, accused before the death penalty, to defend. So if you have been arrested for an offence against the person (for example theft robbery and beatings, rape or murder), a crime against property (e.g., theft, theft or fire) or a crime to drug (possession of marijuana or cocaine manipulation) can help a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal law section Findaw has a wealth of information for the majority of situations of criminal law. We have dozens of definitions of common law crimes, a summary of the steps in a typical criminal case, Council about their constitutional rights, information about the criminal, delinquency juvenile and much much more. .